paper-thin layers of soul

1-IMG_3921 2

Everyone in a body is chosen for trouble and bliss.

~Naomi Shihab Nye

the threatened others’ that live within us witness us in whole and conceptual riddles…..

inquiry for today~   how many “little selves” do you entertain today?

how the wild meets the dull day

Finding the middle way implies dealing with emotions such as anger in a similar way. Anger cannot be denied or repressed. Nor can it be acted out with impunity. As we become more empowered, we can learn to accept anger and communicate it without attack. If we indulge it whenever we feel angry, we run the risk of reinforcing the habit rather than freeing ourselves from it. When we see that anger is often associated with fear and unmet expectations- we get angry when someone does not live up to our expectations or when we are afraid- we have the option of revising our expectations and facing our fears, and anger is less likely to arise.  Teachings that free the mind from the shadow of constricting concepts point beyond illusions altogether to the ineffable reality they represent. Progress on the path of freedom is evident when a person is no longer haunted by the shadows of the past, and fear, anger and constriction are replaced by love, wisdom and ethical responsibility.

~Frances Vaughan

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