where our deep ruts are


Agency is the sense of being a cause rather than an effect. With agency, you are active rather than passive, taking initiative and directing your life rather than being swept along. Agency is central to grit, since without it a person can’t mobilize other internal resources for coping. If you’ve been knocked down by life, agency is the first thing you draw on to get up off the floor. Agency is the opposite of helplessness. Many things happen to a person. Still, we can experience a sense of agency in how we respond to them. If this is possible in even the most terrible, most horrific situations of all, then it is possible in everyday life.    ~Rick Hanson

serve the required depths of the purposeful healing…..then forget how you got there…..

inquiry for today~   how will you know beginner’s mind today?

unfolding your spontaneity

So what is your Spirit Path? How do you come alive and help keep the world together? How do you receive the flow of life that draws you to its center? Discovering this, personalizing this, and relating to this is how we gather our being into a force that can be of use. This is another way to say that we’re born with a dormant set of gifts that we need to inhabit in order to help each other become complete- through our reaching with open hands to meet the needs of the world, through our effort to stay connected, and through our courage to remain kind. Beneath the intensity of our inevitably personal journey, we’re part of a larger pattern of life fulfilling itself.

~Mark Nepo

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