alone in stardust


Half of the soul’s work is to be. The other half is to be of use. It’s in our nature to try with all our heart, at everything and anything, until we chance to inhabit grace and come alive. And being so alive, we become a conduit for life and a resource for others. The soul’s work is ever-present, if we can put down everything that gets in the way. In our humanness, effort is pointed and singular, while grace is all-encompassing. Effort is keeping the break in our heart open, while grace is the light is the light of everything not broken washing the break clean.

~Mark Nepo

what lifts and cajoles and then surrenders?

inquiry for today~   remember how the ego serves and then releases into full awareness….

how to be alone

Alone one is never lonely: the spirit
adventures, waking
In a quiet garden, in a cool house, abiding single there;
The spirit adventures in sleep, the sweet thirst-slaking
When only the moon’s reflection touches the wild hair.
There is no place more intimate than the spirit alone:
It finds a lovely certainty in the evening and the morning.
It is only where two have come together bone against bone
That those alonenesses take place, when, without warning
The sky opens over their heads to an infinite hole in space;
It is only turning at night to a lover that one learns
He is set apart like a star forever and that sleeping face
(For whom the heart has cried, for whom the frail hand burns)
Is swung out in the night alone, so luminous and still,
The waking spirit attends, the loving spirit gazes
Without communion, without touch, and comes to know at last
Out of a silence only and never when the body blazes
That love is present, that always burns alone, however steadfast.

~May Sarton

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