why we falter


One of the reasons I love prayer is because it is an antidote to guilt and shame. If we are unhappy with the way we have acted or have been treated, instead of stewing in self-recrimination on the one hand, or harboring ill-will toward someone else on the other, prayer gives us a way out of the circle of guilt and blame. And then we ask for forgiveness, or direction, or compassion, or patience. Prayer really does work; it does create miracles through the simple act of allowing us to voice the truth. Prayer moves the energy out. It releases the flow of the soul-river.

~Elizabeth Lesser

how can be in the center of your own prayer?

inquiry for today~   how does the beautiful ideal of your hope consider your darkest pain?

restless and constricted

When we give ourselves compassion, holding our disappointment in kind, connected, mindful awareness, the door opens up again. When we soothe and comfort ourselves,we provide ourselves with a sense of safety, giving us the courage to finally peek out from the rock we’ve been hiding under and see what’s inside. Pain and dysfunction get passed down from generation to generation. The only way to stop the vicious cycle of reacting to pain by causing more pain is to step out of the system. We need to let our hearts fill with compassion, and forgive ourselves and others.

~Kristen Neff

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