how to notice


To be human is to open ourselves up to very human experiences. The strength and the character of someone like Jesus is revered not because he never felt anguish or frustration. He is revered because even though he did feel challenged at times, and at times felt great despair, he still followed through with his destiny. He was still a very autonomous person. He didn’t try to escape from his life, from his existence. He didn’t try to run inside to some meditative state that would ensure him that he’d never have to feel the ups and downs of human life and human affairs. And through his human experience, he was able to manifest something quite extraordinary, a very extraordinary life, a teaching that was quite unique and dynamic.  ~Adyashanti

soaked. to. the. bone.

inquiry for today~   you don’t need to understand….and you may want to lean in to self-discovery……..

available to feel

Primordial feelings provide a direct experience of one’s own living body, wordless, unadorned, and connected to nothing but sheer existence. These primordial feeligns reflect the current state of the body along varied dimensions- along the scale that ranges from pleasure to pain, and they originate at the level of the brain stem rather than the cerebral cortex. All feelings of emotion are complex musical variations on primordial feelings.      ~Antonio Damasio

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