from the precipice of mind

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One of the Japanese words for mind is kokoro. The word koro is the onomatopoeia for “rolling along.” Something that rolls like a ball is koro koro koro. So kokoro is something that is always moving and changing, never stopped. There is no object or form that we can identify as mind. It is always changing. Though we are always looking for something to rely on, we cannot find it in something called mind. Thus in order to align our senses, we have to align our mind. To align the mind we must bring it into oneness- into focus on one thing. So what does alignment mean? It means to not be moved by what is not real, but also to not move blindly, to know that which does not change no matter where we are or what we’re doing.

~Shodo Harada

when the doubt of mind denies the straightforward results of body, then listen…..

inquiry for today~   how does your life and your mind and your witness to all keep rolling along today/

look straight at it

This world has no marks, signs or evidence of existence, nor the noises in it, like accident or wind or voices or heehawing animals, yet listen closely the eternal hush of silence goes on and on throughout all this, and has been going on. and will go on and on. This is because the world is nothing but a dream and is just thought of and the everlasting eternity pays no attention to it. At night under moon, or in a quiet room, hush now, the secret music of the Unborn goes on and on, beyond conception, awake beyond existence. Properly speaking, awake is not really awake because the golden eternity never went to sleep: you can tell by the constant sound of Silence which cuts through this world like a magic diamond through the trick of your not realizing that your mind caused the world.

~Jack Kerouac

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