the surprise of everyday life

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Awe means being in the presence of things greater than our individual selves, that take us beyond the ideology of self-interest. It is the experience we have when we encounter things that are vast and large and that transcend our current understanding of the world. Brief experiences of awe, such as in standing amidst tall trees, lead people to be more altruistic, less entitled, more humble and aware of the strengths of others, and less stressed by the challenges of daily living. When you’re i awe, it takes less energy to be alive. Normally, we’re all so attuned to trying to figure out where we need to be to try to make something happen. Awe short-circuits that. You can just be where you are.    ~Stephany Tlalka

our presence alights with the tiniest of gratitudes….

inquiry for today~   your enlightened day begins with the sharp edge of noticing……

faith in the sky

Waking up in the morning

I vow with all beings

to be ready for sparks

of the dharma

from flowers or children

or birds.

Lathering up for a shave

I vow with all beings

to cut off my silly vanity and trust what is there


Sounding a bell at the temple

I vow with all beings

to ring as true in each


mellow, steady, and clear.

Kicking a chair in the dark

I vow with all beings

to let the pain and surprise

slow me down to this step,

this step.

~Robert Aitken

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