hovering to soar


What does being spacious meant to you?

Can you think of a time when you did not felt spacious/

Where you felt very tight, limited, closed in?

Can you remember a situation where you alleviated the feeling

of being stuck or limited, small or closed in?

How did you transform the feeling?

How can you help yourself remember to pause and expand more often?

~Jillian Pransky

when you come to your life empty, with soft and open palms…..

inquiry for today~  how do we grip our lives so harshly?

step in

Real meditation is spontaneous. It is pure welcoming, because there is no choosing of whatever appears in the field of consciousness. There is no selection. There is only choiceless allowing, be it of external perceptions, feelings, bodily sensations, thoughts, or their absence. Everything is equally allowed to come into existence, not as a practice, but because the mind has understood its own limitations. That is all the truth-seeker needs to do. No further spiritual practice needs to be undertaken. In this openness we live in the now. There is nothing to gain, nothing to lose. Awareness is not something to be acquired at the end of a process. We already have all we need.

~Francis Lucille

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