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I am less interested in what people profess than what they do. Watch how they live, how they treat people and things, the care they give to the garden and the house, what they do for the community, how they arrange things. Maybe there is more creative power in private acts and intimate reflections than sweeping revolutionary movements. We feel that home is farthest removed from the centers of power and creative influence, when it may be the opposite. There is an unrealized creative power that exist on the peripheries of our lives an din the small things that we do within our personal environments. The way we treat the objects of the earth creates the imaginative realm in which we live. Everything that we perceive and feel potentially contributes to the creative vision.

~Shaun McNiff

I dare you to be your own sanctuary today- simply through the world you create….

inquiry for today~   when we quiet our judgments and live wild- then what?

defining self

Into the mug of morning

pour yourself, warm

and dark, your aromatic

presence hugging the hand-formed

divide between inside and out.

Ease from empty into full

until, brim-level, you

rise an swirl, a steamy

mist rejoining its source.

~Sharon Sharp

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