limits of trust

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Times of solitude help me come back to the primary reality- to actual, felt experience, and then, eventually, to a more reasoned and balanced perspective on that experience. Likewise, nature helps bring me back to what is primary, to the senses and the body, back into what may be rawer, but also more real. Within me and without, I can sense the intense aliveness of life, the sheer urge of life to live.

But then I have to go back to my other life. There is the real challenge. How to stay alive in the hustle and hassle of the city? There are just more demands and distractions in the city, more stimuli to trigger my craving and aversion. It will seem comfortable because it is reassuringly familiar. But it is worn and frayed, and rubs at the edges because it no longer fits. Far better to try and stay as I am in this new skin; it is tender, yes, but also healthy and glowing. But, for me, times of solitude are vital, times to slough off the old skin and try out a new, fresher one.   ~Vajragupta

I’ve been wondering how well we can really listen……what do you hear?

inquiry for today~   nothing now but steadiness of trust…..this is deep listening….

when the call becomes real

There is a call that echoes in creation. It does not stop. It is never silent. It calls in a million voices, though it has only one source. It is heard in a million ways, though its message is always the same. It is a call to the Source. no matter where a person may be in life, the call reaches there. It is the single most insistent force in creation. It is the reason for creation; for the purpose of life is to know God, and the entire universe is merely a vessel through which God calls us back to Him. At first, the call is imperceptible. It beckons so quietly that it is almost always heard as something else. At first, the call is indefinite- a general proclamation that the Creator exists; slowly, the words become more distinct. Accepting a spiritual discipline is perhaps the most difficult step a seeker can take, for it means embracing a body of laws and customs that will forever separate one from the rest of the world. Presence is strongly felt in the heart, and only the forms of the tradition can fully give it voice.

~Eiezer Shore

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