come alive as palms slide to prayer

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Many spiritual traditions acknowledge the existence of veils that hide the light of Truth and hide our own divine nature from us. These veils belong to the dance of life- the hide-and-seek of the Beloved within creation. We are caught, trapped in the illusions of life by our desires as well as our ego’s identity and sense of a separate self. Each path has its own methods of seeing past the dream of life’s appearances. Until the veils are lifted, there is no knowing what is real within this “fleeting world.” There is little real in our experience of life. The veils of illusion might be seductive and they might be terrifying, but their essential nature is to point to Truth beyond appearance.

For those who believe only in the outer world, these forms are veils of illusion that trap us in an endless maze of attachments and desires. But for those who understand that the outer world is a “secondary cause,” these illusions are a path through the maze of appearances- they are signposts towards the Real.

~Llewellyn Vaughan Lee

your path toward heaven and hell is a breath of life- nothing like living in heaven and fearing hell…

inquiry for today~   when we sense our place through body and breath, we lean into our path and meander like wildflowers…..heaven and hell entwine like holy vine….

up and down- bend and breathe

In asana (one branch of yoga) practice we wake up the intelligence of the sense organs through breathing patterns and geometric physical forms in order to clarify our mode of seeing, our mode of being. We don’t need practice to realize stillness or interdependence, but we certainly need practice to keep the awareness sustained long enough to transform the habitual drives always moving toward action. We need practice to make our insights real. We need practice to catch the shadows of practice. When we touch the place of stillness that occurs before our world begins, we can gain a kind of clarity that’s not possible when we are caught in old patterns of thinking and movement that we have inherited and continue to reinforce. Practice makes life fresh.

~Michael Stone

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