wait for me to hear you


If we could surrender to Earth’s intelligence, we would rise up rooted, like trees.


we lean into each other so that we may listen more deeply….

inquiry for today~   what do you hear from your beloved today? did you listen for the space in between words?

why and how we are

Mysteriously, the recognition of consciousness in others seems to be a necessary component of full consciousness. If there were only a single conscious being in the world, how would it know what was inside itself and what outside? The recognition of the presence of consciousness in another being, which we do not sense or feel as part of our automatic manifestations, but becomes perceptible to us only when we are conscious of ourselves, seems to be a necessary part of the equation. God made man so that He might know Himself, but He had to make more than one, so that man could know himself. In consciousness, three become one. The greatest paradox and miracle of all is that of unity in multiplicity.

~Christian Wertenbaker

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