rediscover a sensual edge of pain


Perhaps winning requires that we love the game unconditionally. Life provides all the pieces. When I accepted certain parts of life and denied and ignored the rest, I could only see my life a piece at a time- the happiness of a success or a time of celebration, or the ugliness and pain of a loss or a failure I was trying hard to put behind me out of sight. But like the dark pieces of the puzzle, these sadder events, painful as they are, have proven themselves a part of something larger. What brief glimpses I have had of something hidden seem to require accepting as a gift every last piece.

I have been with many people in times of profound loss and grief when an unsuspected meaning begins to emerge from the fragments of their lives. Over time, this meaning has proven itself to be durable and trustworthy, even transformative. It is a kind of strength that never comes to those who deny their pain.

~Rachel Naomi Remen

we can turn our world upside down and suffer…..there is calm abiding too…..

inquiry for today~   don’t claim miracles around your suffering……just let it speak to you…

how do you love?

No- we don’t need more sleep.

It’s our souls that are tired,

not our bodies. We need

nature. We need magic. We need

adventure. We need freedom.

We need truth. We need stillness.

We don’t need more sleep, we

need to wake up and live.

~Brooke Hampton

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