visioning these years


When we meditate and pray, then unselfing happens. Unselfing is very beautiful because in that effortlessness of dissolving self then the melting happens. This melting is not traditional spiritual terminology, it’s made-up, but it works. We just melt. Our fear melts. Our sorrow, our contraction, our pretension, our passive-aggressiveness, and our hopes all begin to melt.

So  the essence of spirituality is actually just to melt. We melt all of the ideas of who we are, where we are going, and what we are doing. And where we land is this eternal ground, the sorrowless land within, which is always there.

~Anam Thubten

how we fool ourselves until we cannot any longer…..

inquiry for today~   no pretense today…….when your light is your only source of healing……

shine through

The work of recontextualizing our lives is greatly enhanced by remembering that as we enter life we are all called to enact our unique version of the hero’s journey. In doing so, we are living mythically. Jean Houston, along with Joseph Campbell and others, has done much to help the modern world understand the power of myth. She wrote that myth “is story invested with all of our potentials and highest ideals, as well as our shadows and terrors. It provides a template that allows us to open ourselves to the hidden capacities we had forgotten we had; the creative potentials we didn’t know how to use; and the deeper knowing that transcends past, present and future- a deeper knowing that is within every one of us.”

Recontextualizing helps us recognize and acknowledge ourselves as the hero or heroine going on the journey into elderhood. We are on the lifelong larger journey of unfolding our own personal myth.

~Ron Pevny

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