symmetry of the heart’s truth

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We reclaim our life and spirit by planting ourselves again in the universe. This begins when we connect with the truth of what is happening in our body. The mysterious field of aliveness we call the universe can only be experienced if we are in contact with the felt sense of that aliveness in our own being. We release the suffering that can accompany pain by relaxing our resistance to unpleasant sensations and meeting them with an open, allowing presence.

~Tara Brach

what resonates with us is our truth……a humbling attunement of the heart…..

inquiry for today~  notice your feet on the ground today……notice yourself in time and space……and then notice your vertical stance of lifting from this ground of being…….

admitting the truth

Arthur Giacalone, a clinical psychologist, described to me his experience of aligning with the truth this way: “There is a sense of living and being aligned in and through the vertical axis of the body, with the gestalt of my physicality being perfectly proportioned around this experience- an energetic rightness and clarity that ascends from a basic feeling of earthly groundedness.”

For Arthur, the sense of alignment rises from the ground. This corresponds with an ascending life current. In his case, this alignment is accompanied by other essential qualities: lightness and clarity.

When we are inwardly aligned, we are in our integrity. If our life is not congruent with our deeper knowing, we can sense it. Coming into integrity is a dynamic, ongoing process.

~John Prendergast

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