to witness the bad is ok

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Surrender is not a word that rolls easily off the tongue in our privileged, dominant culture. We are programmed to consider ourselves conquerors, not surrenderers. “Believe it and achieve it!” shout the gurus of personal mastery. There is a different quality to us, however, once we have surrendered a few times to awful and awesome surprise. Surrender is not easy work. The ego’s drive for self-preservation and comfort do not allow us to sign up for life’s hardest lessons voluntarily.

During one period of difficult surprise, I found myself again writing, “Oh great Mystery, I ask that I might learn from the disaster ad survive this learning. I ask for the chance to heal. For the chance to continue being of service with my life. Please help me understand.”

~Christina Baldwin

high dive down and down into the deeper qualities of the wise ones…..

inquiry for today~   imagine a wise figure you respect- laughing, letting go, releasing……


Sadly, most people don’t focus on what they have in common with others, especially when they feel ashamed or inadequate. Rather than framing their imperfection in light of the shared human experience, they’re more likely to feel isolated and disconnected from the world around them when they fail.

That’s why it’s so important to transform our relationship with ourselves by recognizing our inherent interconnectedness. If we can compassionately remind ourselves in moments of falling down that failure is part of the shared human experience, then that moment becomes one of togetherness rather than isolation.

When our sense of self-worth and belonging is grounded in simply being human, we can’t be rejected or cast out by others. Our humanity can never be taken away from us, no matter how far we fall.

~Kristen Neff

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