don’t seek, just find


The path is not as yet the goal and Spirit does not reach the goal without having traversed the path.


who is the healer, and who is being healed?

inquiry for today~   enjoy the play of opposites in your day as part of your “way,” your truth-telling, wacky-kind-of-all-encompassing-sort-of-knowing wisdom…..

all assumptions

A person who understands the importance of actually traversing the spiritual path rather than remaining an observer will, sooner or later, choose a path and a teacher. Every path can become a pitfall. The way itself becomes a trap for the way-seeking mind. Yet living with awareness of duality we do experience better or worse, light and dark, love and fear, pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow. When we become aware of choice we can change values,  perception, thinking, feeling, and behavior. We can re-examine beliefs and re-evaluate priorities. In spite of the pitfalls, each path also offers opportunities and creative possibilities for healing and wholeness.

~Frances Vaughan

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