inside looking out


One breath to let go. Let go of the list making, the squabbling, the disorientation of too many selves, the confusion of priorities, the constrictions of the heart. Let go of my fears, the niggling of inadequacy, anger at this or that interaction, the rush that comes from taking things personally. Send in the oxygen, instead of the adrenaline. One breath to be here.

Be here in the moment and notice what is the sensual reality of wherever I am standing. Peace is all around me; my job is to bring my mind to peace. To be here is to step out of the center of the world, and to simply join it. What do I see, hear, taste, touch, smell- even through a plate glass window in a hotel lobby- how am I, here in the world?

One breath to ask now what?

Now what is trying to happen in my life? Now what do I want this period of my life to mean?  Now what might spirit say, if I say nothing more and just for a moment- listen?

~Christina Baldwin

looking out from within….not so much clearer or deeper or full of insight….but your view….all yours…..

inquiry for today~   what is your reality? your truth? your authentic voice? (hint: not the one you wish you had/are/strive to be)

what makes you know?

Being authentic opens us. There is no getting around this. When being authentic, we often come close to what matters, even hold it in our hand, and just as often put it down. This is not because we are dense, though sometimes we are, but because it is hard to sustain our presence. Often, we don’t listen or give our attention long enough to know the secret is in our hands. Sometimes we revert so quickly to the habit of our seeing that we miss the resources coming our way.

When we listen with our heart, we allow the reality of things to touch us below our identity. When we listen below our identity, who-we-are is in-formed (formed inwardly) by the depth and breadth of things.

This inward formation opens the depth of heart with which we listen. And on it goes.

~Mark Nepo

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