the thin veil to Spirit


Find a quiet spot. Get comfortable. Invite your spine to be upright and relax and soften your gaze.

As you sit, begin to watch your breath as it comes and goes. Notice the sounds around you. Feel the temperature of air on your hands and face.

From this place of silence, imagine that the concept mistake does not exist in your world.

Breathe out judgment of self.

Breathe in radical self-compassion.

As you watch the breath, empty out of self-negativity.

As you breathe in, fill yourself up with silent, boundless compassion for the choices you have made on the planet.


~Aruni Nan Futuronsky

how will you hold reverence for this simple day?

inquiry for today~   may you hold a day of “beingness” as an act of aliveness and sensuality today……This All Hallow’s Eve….

and then we awaken

We all fall asleep. Couchpotatoitis takes over a culture. One reason creativity takes courage is that the Holy Spirit is no small force to let into our lives. This is, after all, the very Spirit that “drives the heavens.” It is powerful, it is far bigger than us, it drives the forces of nature from fireball to galaxies, from supernovas to ocean waves, from the movement of the earth to the whirling of the stars.

Furthermore, we so long for this Spirit to fill our souls that when we encounter it we often dance with madness. “The divine countenance is capable of maddening and driving all souls out of their senses with longing for it,” Eckhart observes. Wildness is everywhere in our relationship with the Spirit. Who is in charge here? Certainly not we. Yet there is method behind the madness, peace within the wildness, love within the yearning that is natural between Spirit and us. For, Eckhart promises, “When the Spirit does this by its very divine nature it is thereby drawing all things to itself.” We find repose there. In the  Spirit. With the Spirit. Sharing the Spirit’s work.

~Matthew Fox

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