what shapes your sense of self?


We and life are spectacularly flawed and complex. Sometimes circumstances conspire to remind us or even let us glimpse how thin the membrane is between here and there, between birth and the grave, between the human and the divine. In wonder at the occasional direct experience of this, we say, Thank you.

Domestic pain can be searing, and it is usually what does us in. It unfolds, and you experience it, and it is so horrible and endless that you could almost give up a dozen times. But grace can be the experience of a second wind, when even though what you want is clarity and resolution, what you get is stamina and poignancy and the strength to hang on. Through the most ordinary things, books, for instance, or a postcard, or eyes or hands, life is transformed.

~Anne Lamott

what values may you have unconsciously discarded? hint- how do you feel about your current behaviors and thought patterns?

inquiry for today~   how do you intend to direct your day? in line or a little off with the underlying meaning of your life?

when you know you are lost

It takes a long time before we can see the habit pattern of selfing, before we can witness the witness. That capacity to abide in awareness that observes the self selfing heralds a big shift. We presume the sacred as separate, as other, and both fear and long for it.

Stepping back, to the degree of being able to witness the belief in the self, allows us to recognize that it is not so much the movements of the mind that are problematic.

Seeing zaps self-grasping. It sets awareness free. Removing selfing’s interference, we can begin to allow formlessness to function through form, to simply be within their unity, with both gratitude and grace.

~Kathleen Dowling Singh

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