for what is not pretty, but beautiful


Some say there’s a fire at the Center of our Being. How does anyone know? Though I believe it. Sometimes in dream, I go there, and it’s not some hell. More like a lake of light that drinking from heals. And healing is not erasing what life does to us. Rather, drinking from Center knits all the scars into a fabric that can’t be torn. Regardless of how we get there, no matter what is broken or lost, the weave binds us. We call its pattern beauty.

~Mark Nepo

when it comes. when it perseveres. when it hesitates.

inquiry for today~   your beauty is one of little discretion….it is simply beautiful…..

never ending choices

Dullness breeds dullness. Curiosity, liveliness, and playfulness produce original ideas and fresh imagery. We all know that dreamy state- the exact opposite of the tight, controlling, demanding, dull state that a fear of failure produces- where our birds have extra wings and our castles jeweled moats.

~Eric Maisel

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