averting mistrust


We can fall into a trance by over-identifying with our past or the work we do or our dream of the future, all of which can keep us from the bare peace of presence that is always near. No matter their importance, we are not our past, we are not our work, and we are not our dream. When we are no longer aware of the difference, we’re in a trance.

Until something terrible happened that restored the miracle of sky as sky and dirt as dirt. Suddenly, the life shattered revealed the life it was resting on.

No one is exempt from this process. Yet thrown under and tossed ashore, we keep breaking into something durable and precious. We’re always pulled between the surface and the deep, between the fear and pain of any sudden rip in our lives and the bare presence that waits below any history we’ve endured.

~Mark Nepo

how many hurts will go by before you notice what is hiding there?

inquire for today~   don’t forget why you are here today…..well, for at least a little while….or even one moment……

a tale of inner listening

It’s not what you don’t know that hurts you,

but what you know for sure that just ain’t so.

~Mark Twain

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