when play is needed

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What prevents us from directly experiencing the world’s flawless perfection is that we don’t take emptiness seriously. On some level, we believe emptiness is just a theory, an idea, rather than the nature of our own reality. Instead of living by the understanding of emptiness, we choose to nurture our magical powers of clinging and fixation, continually recreating a world where everything appears to be static, solid, polluted, and so very real.

The wondrous vehicle of the Vajarayana, which “takes the result as the path,” does away with our poverty mentality, the underlying sense of never having enough and of not being good enough. It also eradicates our neediness and our continuous compulsion to accomplish something in the future. Whether or not we are able to take advantage of the fast vehicle of Vajarayana practice hinges entirely on our ability to discredit the overwhelming sense of a real phenomenal world. We must be completely honest with ourselves. Although we may be magnificent magicians, the world we have conjured is full of suffering. Now is the time to finally dissolve it.

~Heidi Koppl

I’ve been held captive by too much, too little, too kind, too blue….how about you?

inquiry for today~   where is your harsh line of honesty drawn? can you be playful with truth?

what you remember

Take care you don’t know anything in this world too quickly or easily.

Everything is also a mystery, has its own secret aura in the moonlight,

its own private song.

~Mary Oliver

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