the impulse to heal

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People may lose their healing by not including love in their struggle for a cure. On a good day we get glimpses of a mercy that supports our wholeness even when we feel on the verge of shattering. I still remind myself to soften so as not to put myself out of my heart, to have mercy on this poor body and wobbly mind, to have love for myself, sending loving kindness into the pain and confusion, to be “whole, in pieces,” as one teacher said. Mercy is the kindest form awareness takes.

~Ondrea Levine

when we can separate how we act from how we see ourselves, we become truly honest and can mirror mercy…..

inquiry for today~   be the observer, keen and finely tuned…..let go of your hiding places….

decide to act

There are two different levels of reality: the raw experience, just as it is, and the overlay of mental reaction to it. If we separate the raw experience from the mental overlay we bring to it, we can clear a metal space. In that space there is room to examine whether we harbor distorted assumptions, ungrounded beliefs, or warped perceptions.

So mindfulness lets us experience more directly, not through the clouded lens of assumptions and expectations but with an exploratory awareness. The investigative nature of mindfulness is one of its principal qualities.

In the ancient Pali language that Buddha spoke, the term for this mindful investigation is vapassana, which literally means “seeing things as they really are.” The first step in this clear seeing comes when we pause and become mindful, interrupting the flow of our habitual thoughts, feelings, and reactions.

~Tara Bennett-Goleman

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