for all the infinite space

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We like to think that our existence somehow has a very profound purpose, but actually it’s quite trivial. We are born, grow up, go to school, graduate, get a job, and make money. Maybe we marry, maybe we don’t. Maybe we have kids, maybe we don’t. But the basic routine is the same for all of us. We talk about the weather and attend important meetings. We make plans for the future and purchase the things we want. And so life passes. But if we suffuse our life with a spiritual outlook, we can go beyond its trivialities and give it a deeper meaning.

~Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche

your radical process of breathing in and out and noticing yourself is how you strengthen the breadth of your life……

inquiry for today~   why are you doing all that you are doing today?

consider the simple act

As we are aware of more and more aspects of our life, we are not lost in the busyness and distractions of our lives. Our awareness does not make the injury or pain of life go away, but it does allow us to create a different relationship to it and it does allow us to diminish our creation of additional suffering. This is key in developing the long-term practice of changing the conditions of the suffering itself. And it cannot happen without awareness.

Awareness gives us options on how to live and relate to our life. We cannot change anything that we are not aware of. Awareness allows us to continually better ourselves and live our lives with more fulfillment. It invites us into living our potential in this lifetime. Discerning those choice points with awareness, wisdom inclines and guides us continually to make choices toward freedom.

~Larry Yang


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