seeing from foundation


The true light never hides the darkness but is born out of the very center of it, transforming and redeeming. So to the darkness we must return, each of us individually accepting his ignorance and loneliness, his sin and weakness, and, most difficult of all, consenting to wait in the dark and even to love the waiting.

~Helen M. Luke

attunement may be our finest skill…..the way in and the way out….

inquiry for today~   each time you remember your feet on the ground, you have the opportunity to remember who and why you are….

our highest knowing

Jon Kabat-Zinn calls mindfulness the “applied are of conscious living.” The emphasis lies on being applied. Mindfulness seems so simple- Just pay attention to this moment, such a no-brainer. When people first hear about the idea of “being in the moment” they often feel that it sounds very familiar, and they might say, “Oh, I’ve been mindful all my life.” And yes, it’s true, they have. To some extent.

Mindfulness invites us to open to a moment-to-moment awareness. Now- and now- and now. Which also means being as nonjudgmental as possible while present with our not-so-great moments- being present with the pain, the fear, the pettiness, the jealousy. Mindfulness doesn’t care what it is mindful of. We usually don’t like to be mindful when we are impatient with our partner. Mindfulness is not an experience enhancer for the pretty moments in life, like a fabric softener. But it’s not like a self-improvement project, either, finally getting a grip on those pesky thought patterns. It’s the willingness to be present, to invite every moment into our awareness, be it pleasant, neutral, or unpleasant. This takes a lot of patience and practice- as well as the support of a teacher to inspire us to keep on coming back to this moment.

~Christiane Wolf and J. Greg Serpa

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