sensing shadows


Mental health depends to a great extent on taking responsibility for how one thinks about oneself and the world. Seeing oneself as an integral part of a larger whole one can no longer pretend that one is a helpless, isolated creature existing by chance in a hostile universe. Human survival may therefore depend on our learning to see ourselves differently. Whoever is aware of choice can accept or reject the power of consciousness. It is always possible to change one’s mind about personal power. Some people choose to remain unconscious by using drugs, others by immersion in work.

Personal power is not something that is dispensed by someone else. It must be claimed for oneself. One must be willing to become it. The choice for ethical action and effective use of personal power depends on personal integrity. Having integrity means being consistent in what one believes, what one thinks, what one says, what one feels, and what one does. What is expressed in the world must be aligned with what is genuinely believed and felt inside if healing and integration are valued.

Integrity thus supports one’s ability act effortlessly and effectively in the world. Furthermore, a sense of personal integrity enables one to trust oneself and one’s perception of others, and thus becomes a foundation for evaluating both systems and teachers.

~Frances Vaughan

self-remembrance is a skill….we could sleep through our life so easily….

inquiry for today~   where is your soul self? where is your spirit self? what lies in between, and how will you live today from a space of truth?

how we see

The only devils in the world are those running around in our own hearts.

That is where the battle should be fought.

~Mahatma Gandhi

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