how time expands

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For me, mindfulness practice is really a love affair, a love affair with what is most fundamental in life, a love affair with what is so, with what we might call truth, which for me includes beauty, the unknown, and the possible, how things actually are, all embedded here, in this very moment- for it is all already here- and at the same time, everywhere, because here can be anywhere at all. Mindfulness is also always now, because as we have already touched on, and as we will touch on many times again, for us there simply is no other time.

Here and now, everywhere and always, gives us a lot of room for working together, that is, if you are interested and willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work of the timeless, the work of non-doing, the work of awareness embodied in yoru own life as it is always unfolding moment by moment. It is indeed the work of no time at all, and the work of a lifetime.

~Jon Kabat-Zinn

how will you tolerate your unfolding life?

inquiry for today~   transformation and presence. what does that mean to you?

what is liberation?

Outside, the freezing desert night.

this other night grows warm, kindling.

Let the landscape be comvered with thorny crust.

We have a soft garden in here.

The continents blasted,

cities and towns, everything

becomes a scorched, blackened ball.

the news we hear is full of grief for that future,

but the real news inside here

is there’s no news at all.


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