the bias of joy


Reflecting on what gives one pleasure and where one looks for happiness can mirror how one sees oneself in the process of growing toward wholeness. Each stage is characterized by attraction to certain types of pleasure. Higher forms of pleasure are those that are more satisfying and enduring. Thus spiritual teachings encourage people to seek peace and love rather than material pleasures. Buddhism teaches that peace is the highest form of happiness, and some Christian teachings equate happiness with love. “A Course in Miracles” says, “Happiness is an attribute of Love. It cannot be apart from it.”

Yet the search continues, and many have faced personal pain and existential dread before finding an inner source of peace and love, not in blind faith or illusion, but in the light of understanding and Self-Knowledge.

The problem inherent in any search for happiness is rooted in ignorance. Whenever one perceives a lack that gives rise to desire, one feels deprived. When one discovers that fulfillment of ego desires never gives lasting satisfaction and that new desires arise the moment any one of them is satisfied, one may turn from secular to spiritual pursuits in hopes of finding a more lasting source of happiness. Motivation at the outset of the spiritual quest is often mixed, but a genuine commitment to inner work can help eradicate self-deception.

~Frances Vaughan

who will you entrust with your happiness? how do you weaken your power?

inquiry for today~  notice how your dream of peace can get in the way of being excited about your actual experience of living…..

how to choose joy

When you change your vision from “Why is this happening to me?” to “What is this trying to teach me?”- everything shifts.

~Wild Woman Sisterhood

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