what is spiritual anyway?


Sometimes you will go through deep experiences that bring up intense pain inside of you. If it is in there, it is going to come up. If you have any wisdom, you will leave it alone and not try to change your life to avoid it. You will just relax and give it the space it needs to release and burn through you. It is in this inner work that spirituality becomes a reality. you  must be willing at all times, in all circumstances, to remain conscious in the face of pain and to work with your heart by relaxing and remaining open.

You will then be able to walk through this world more vibrant and alive than ever before. You will feel everything at at a deeper level. You will begin to have truly beautiful experiences rise up within you. Over time, you will form an intensely personal relationship with this beautiful inner force.

~Michael Singer

each time we slide off our steady path, we will surely promise ourselves never to get lost again….

inquiry for today~   allow yourself to ramble a little…..investigate, question, get lost, return…..

when we lose our way

One of the things that we all do when we get exposed to spiritual teachings, especially teachings that we don’t particularly understand, is that we abdicate our own authority. You can’t do that, even at the very beginning, because to think that we’re going to ride on the coattails of some spiritual teacher to enlightenment is a great delusion.

Taking our seat in our own true autonomy is not just something that happens at the end of the spiritual search. It’s necessary right from the beginning. A true spiritual teaching will never take anyone’s autonomy. It may be hard to find initially, but a good spiritual teaching helps you to hone in on your own truth- to become quiet and to listen deeply and openly enough so that you can literally begin to feel the way life is informing you. That’s your inner wisdom.


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