the ability to distill truth

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Thinking aims at and ends in contemplation, and contemplation is not an activity but a passivity; it is the point where mental activity comes to rest. According to traditions of Christian time, when philosophy had become the handmaiden of theology, thinking became meditation, and meditation again ended in contemplation, a kind of blessed state of the soul where the mind was no longer stretching out to know the truth but, in anticipation of a future state, received it temporarily in intuition. With the rise of the modern age, thinking became chiefly the handmaiden of science, of organized knowledge; and even though thinking then grew extremely active, following modernity’s crucial conviction that I can know only what I myself make, it was Mathematics, the non-empirical science par excellence, wherein the mind appears to play only with itself, that turned out to be the Science of sciences, delivering the key to those laws of nature and the universe that are concealed by appearances.

To expect truth to come from thinking signifies that we mistake the need to think with the urge to know. Thinking can and must be employed in the attempt to know, but in the exercise of this function it is never itself; it is but the handmaiden of an altogether different enterprise.

~Hannah Arendt

from the history of truth……

inquiry for today~   your truth isn’t about denying others’ truth, but rather connecting to a universal causation and alignment to truth…….

science of being

People usually consider
walking on water or in thin
air a miracle. But I think the
real miracle is not to walk
either on water or thin air,
but to walk on earth. Every
day we are engaged in
a miracle which we don’t even
recognize: a blue sky, white
clouds, green leaves, the
black, curious eyes of a
child—our own two eyes.
All is a miracle.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

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