why presence isn’t just about us


Rather than having a conversation with our thoughts, we practice just noticing them. Because understanding how our mind works sets the groundwork for noticing where tension resides in our body. Noticing is softer and quieter than looking. It’s not something we do as much as something we allow ourselves to receive. Noticing is that unassuming, nonjudgmental place in which we’re not yet responding. We’re simply giving gentle attention to what’s happening.

We begin with noticing what is going on in our mind, because once we’re aware of the conversations we tend to start, we can see how effortlessly they come about. But ultimately we work with the mind and body together because our conversations can start in either place, with thoughts and feelings or with physical sensations. Noticing allows us to meet our bodily tension without judgments, without instantly adding on.

We allow ourselves to feel welcome, grounded, and present, and we relax our body so we can notice all the spots where, despite the support underneath us, we’re still holding. That’s where our tension lives.

And once we start feeling safe enough to simply notice what arises within us, we are setting the conditions to replace our auto-pilot conversations with responses that support our well-being.

~Jillian Pransky

when it all comes together and we see how our negative self-talk translates to judgment of others…..

inquiry for today~   where do your expectations exceed your day-to-day reality?

how we see the “other”

The aspect of attention and love directed toward our collective experience is as vitally significant as the aspect directed to our own experience. Both realities- external and internal- must be attended to with love. We are too often pulled away from what calls for our deepest and most precious attention so that we miss the chance to create less suffering in a world that already suffers so greatly.

We too often do a spiritual bypass and pretend that the pain of difference doesn’t exist because we somehow should always be connected to the spirit of the Universal Family. When we allow ourselves to believe thoughts of how life should be, we may end up bypassing again- and denying what is really happening in the moment.

~Larry Lang

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