where do you belong?


Curiosity is a mind controlling nothing. It is a mind without prejudice or expectation, a mind undefended by conception and agendas. It becomes absorbed in and fascinated by the ever-novel and endless display of the ground of being.

Deeply curious, we enter absorption, concentrating vastness, deepening the awe and wonder. The experience here is so absorbing that, merging with the point of concentration, awareness rushes into another world, mushrooming out into vastness, free of all self-reference and any localized sense. This is a domain of subtle lucidity and radiance beyond self. Radiant and alive and filled with every quality of grace.

Intention. Attention. Ease. Joy. Curiosity. We line them up as a child would line up presents. these are our presents. When we finally begin using these gifts wisely, we, old as we are, end up with the fresh new immaculate wonder of a child.

~Kathleen Dowling Singh

remember when you were curious and everything felt alive?

inquiry for today~   enliven a sense of quality over quantity today, and feel the day in its entirety….in its possibility…..

claim your right to be well

Our homesickness for our true nature pre-exists our birth. We take birth to discover the Inseparable, in the painful midst of the separate. We are born with a buried longing for completion, a yearning to experience our great nature. All our clumsy attempts to fulfill desire are a reflection of that longing. When awareness directly meets itself, we become fully conscious. We discover that what we have been looking for all our lives is what is looking. It is the whole of us.

The heart has room for even the personality we have been dealt. As a mindful awareness develops, it becomes clear that we are not the personality, that the personality is a remnant of a long-debated prehistory, a coping mechanism, a mask, through which to face the world, the skeleton of inclinations on which the mind and body are hung.

A very different state of mind arises when we relate from anxiety, in which the whole world poses a threat, and relate to anxiety, in which even such seemingly unworkable states become an achievement in liberation instead of a defeat. To go to pieces in the most constructive sense is to reassemble in the compassionate landscape, reminding ourselves of the possibility of liberation from pain before it turns to suffering.

~Ondrea Levine

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