When everything falls apart and we feel uncertainty, disappointment, shock, embarrassment, what’s left is a mind that is clear, unbiased, and fresh. But we don’t see that. Instead, we feel the queasiness and uncertainty of being in no-man’s-land and enlarge the feeling and march it down the street with banners that proclaim how bad everything is. We forget what we’ve learned through meditation and know to be true. When really strong emotion comes u, all the doctrines and beliefs that we’ve held on to seem kind of pitiful by comparison, because emotions are so much more powerful.

We use them. In their essence, they are simply part of the goodness of being alive, but instead of letting them be, we take them and use them to regain our ground. Again, we do not have to consider this process an obstacle or a problem. If we can look at and see the wildness of emotion, we can not only begin to befriend and soften toward ourselves, but we can also begin to befriend all human beings and indeed all living beings. It is how what is seemingly ugly and problematic and unwanted actually becomes our teacher.

~Pema Chodron

we juxtapose our rain onto our thoughts and realize a lighter reality….

inquiry for today~   notice what you hear when you realize you are thinking……

a brighter day

It’s important to reiterate that letting go of our thoughts does not mean suppressing them. Many people hear it this way and make the mistake of thinking that meditation requires them to shut off their thinking or their feelings. Thinking is not bad, nor is it even undesirable during meditation. What matters is whether you are aware of your thoughts and feelings during meditation and how you are in relationship to them. We are simply making room for them, observing them as thoughts, and letting them be, using the breath as our anchor or home base for observing, for reminding us to stay focused and calm.

~Jon Kabat Zinn

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