what can I lean into?


Ideals become problematic when we take them literally, holding ourselves to impossible standards. Ideals are ideal. They aren’t real.

Ideals are more toxic when we deceive ourselves into thinking we have realized them. Then we become blind to our own actual behavior and motivation, and blind to others, whom we judge as less than ourselves.

Among all pernicious forms of idealism, religious idealism may be the worst; its excesses can be literally deadly. The saving grace of the bodhisattva ideal is that is is so outrageously extravagant, so absurdly imaginative, that we are clear from the start we can never realize it. It is literally impossible. We can never get there. All we can do is keep on walking toward the bodhisattva horizon, inspired by the bright vision ahead, content to never arrive.

~Norman Fischer

sometimes all of this running around is simply hilarious banter and a misinterpretation of right action….

inquiry for today~   how to simplify your intentions today?

oh how we long to know

I wake from a dream,
reach towards day as it hatches,
its tiny beak presses against
the delicate shell of sky.
Today I might learn to fly.

~Christine Valters Paintner

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