what feeds our minds


Today’s blessing is for the Numinous ones who are feeling the hard things gathering.

May you dear one be deeply rooted in your own truth. May you remember the goodness and love and dreams at the deepest part of you, and may you use these coordinates to find your way.

May you have a safe place to shelter. May you remember that sometimes the smartest thing to do is not battle and smash through- but to wait gently.

May you know yourself well enough to know the numbness of avoidance, and may you gently pry yourself away from that place.

May you be well nourished for moving and may you remember that hard doesn’t always mean bad. May you remember that hard doesn’t always mean good either.

May you have someone’s heart to warm you, and may the words in your own heart be kind and true.

May you weather this storm my dear, and may the weather on the other side be glorious.

~Numinous Jane

you’ve gone through many hard days…..how do they unfold differently now?

inquiry for today~   how might your beingness allow for the complex arisings? what questions will arise to weed out the roots?


Mindfulness grows by the exercise of mindfulness. It is like exercising a muscle. Every time you work it, you pump it up just a little. You make it a little stronger. The very fact you have felt a wake-up sensation means that you have just improved your mindfulness power. That means you win. Move back to the breathing without regret. If you find yourself getting frustrated, feeling discouraged, or condemning yourself, just observe that with bare attention. It is just another distraction.

You will find yourself relatively willing to apply this technique to certain parts of your experience, and you will find yourself totally unwilling to use it on the other parts.

You will find yourself quite eager to dig some thoughts out by the roots while you jealously guard and cherish certain others. That is the human condition.

~Bhante Gunaratana

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