how to remember


I think it’s brave that you get up

in the morning even if your soul is weary

and your bones ache for a rest

I think it’s brave that you keep on

living even if you don’t know how to


I think it’s brave that you push

away the waves rolling in every day

and you decide to fight

I know there are days when you

feel like giving up but I think it’s brave

that you never do.

~Lana Rafaela

there is a lot of space between the edge and our ideas of the edge….

inquiry for today~   every time we befriend ourselves, we connect to the space beyond our edge……

for all that is unwise

Taking our hands off the controls and pausing is an opportunity to clearly see the wants and fears that are driving us. During the moments of a pause, we become conscious of how the feeling that something is missing or wrong keeps us leaning into the future, on our way somewhere else. This gives us a fundamental choice in how we respond. We can continue our futile attempts at managing our experience, or we can meet our vulnerability with the wisdom of Radical Acceptance.

Through the sacred art of pausing, we develop the capacity to stop hiding, to stop running away from our experience. We begin to trust in our natural intelligence, in our naturally wise heart, in our capacity to open to whatever arises. Like awakening from a dream, in the moment of pausing our trance recedes and Radical Acceptance becomes possible.

~Tara Brach

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