here. with you.


When we are in the suspension of breath in the deepest meditation, a spontaneous, s it were, God-willed retention, we enter the black hole, the vortex of nothingness, the void. yet somehow we survive. The curtain of time, time that inexorably brings death, is parted, This is a state of nonbeing, but living nonbeing. It is a present devoid of past or future. There is no self, no meditator, no longer even any breather. What comes out of that black hole, that nothingness? Information. What is the information? The truth. What is the truth? Samadhi.

In effect what I have just said is that the mind is a bottomless pit, like a black hole. Stop trying to fill it as it cannot be filled. Go beyond the bottomless pit to realize the soul. The beginner  can only conceive of samadhi as a glorification of the self he knows. Samadhi has to come on its own. it is inexpressible. Samadhi is seeing the soul face to face.

Whether we look at our work, our marriage, or our children, we do so clearly and, without the clutter of pollution, we are able to see the truth. It is an effortless state, where one experiences the grace of the Self.

~B.K.S. Iyengar

samadhi is the gracious gentleness of wise service….we aspire to be free in the heart of calm abiding……

inquiry for today~   may the humility of service guide your wise heart today……

coming in with a playful wink

There comes a time when nothing is meaningful except surrendering to love.


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