unsettling & humbling gifts

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When some sort of healing is longed for and remains a possibility, however remote it might seem, a willingness to reclaim the body from the oblivion of taken-for-grantedness or from narcissistic self-obsession is paramount. Working at it every day, we reconnect with the very source of our humanity, with our elemental core of being. When awareness embraces the senses it enlivens them. We have all felt that at times, moments of extraordinary vividness. In the case of proprioception, when we truly give ourselves over to listening to the body in a disciplined and loving way and persevere at it for days, weeks, months, and years as a discipline and a love affair in and of itself, even if we don’t hear much at first, there is no telling what might occur. As best it can, the body is listening back, and responding in its own mysterious and profoundly enlivening and illuminating ways.

~Jon Kabat- Zinn

so many ways to create discord and unhappiness…..have you noticed this?

inquiry for today~  where will you place your focus today? what is peaceful?

a willingness

The dirty little secret of spiritual practice is that confronting the true nature of our self can be terrifying. For those of us who engage in spiritual practice, it is common to struggle with facing our existential fear. This is not the kind of fear that is necessarily derived from the past or from a traumatic event; it comes from a place inside of us. It is that sense within consciousness that we have met an immensity of the unknown or the infinite, and in our fear, we grasp onto our egos.

Uprooting the ego structure is the end of its world and the end of perceiving life through that psychological mechanism. Afterward, we do not encounter reality the same way, we do not see self the same way, and we do not see others in the same way. Things are different, even though nothing has changed- it is the exact world with all of us bumbling around in it. Awakening is about letting go of how we perceive our world.


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