prioritizing how to be


Just observing and feeling- resting the mind in the physical reality of simply being here- the experience is just this. In a way, we can say that just this is the only answer to the koan-question “What is this?” This is not an intellectual or factual answer- it’s the nonconceptual experience of the present moment. Moreover, the answer is constantly changing.

In working with “What is this?” the practice is not to focus on getting an answer, but to simply stay with the question. To stay with the question, with the visceral experience of the anxiety and confusion of not knowing, is where the question can eventually resolve itself.

What remains? Just Being. And when this happens, the sense that life will never be enough is no longer an issue. The question of meaninglessness is no longer a question.

~Ezra Bayda

there is something about truly experiencing our lives….including our aging….

inquiry for today~   how is it to know yourself today?

no need to know

Though I run to get out of the rain, it’s standing in the rain with my hands on my heart that is cleansing. Though I run from the pain, it’s standing in the pain with my face to the sky that is healing. So I never stop peeling the hurt, never stop trusting life to burst through whatever I have to face. Even when lost, there’s a truth we carry that—when released—can return us to the ground beneath all trouble, beneath all pain, beneath the worm in our mind that wants to run. Facing things together is how we move through the labyrinth of trouble, from thinking alone to feeling together. So when my head is burrowed in what I can’t put down, when I can’t find what I’ve just said, please, hold your kindness like a mirror, so I can begin again. Tell me that, hard as it is to accept, the path is right where we are, when too exhausted to chase anything. Remind me that the angels we seek flutter within us, using our hands as their wings.

~Mark Nepo

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