to move, to pause, & in between


Meditation requires no faith or memorized prayers.

It doesn’t depend on a notion of God, or a feeling of channeling,

or a quest for awakening.

It is a state of being present. Really present.

Aware of your thoughts, your breath,

your ability to move from thinking to non-thinking.

It is separate from religion, as the sea is separate from the shore.

According to the spiritual teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti,

“True spiritual practice springs from, not toward, enlightenment.

Our practice does not lead to unity consciousness- it is unity consciousness.”

~Jan Phillips

when we move with intention and pause with intention, we create sacred presence, sacred breath, sacred tradition…

inquiry for today~   what do you choose today to create?

to marvel at our heart openings

After the Buddha achieved enlightenment, he pondered how he could share his realizations with others. The truth he had realized was difficult to grasp and ran hard against the grain of human desires. Most people, the Buddha knew, would turn away from his teachings, but he would try to teach those who could truly listen and understand.

Now, in this place where the Buddha is said to have spent a rain season meditation, I feel as if he just whispered in my ear, then slipped out the temple door. He seemed to say to me that although he was not eternal, his teachings are, and the beautiful, inspiring thing about his being human is that it means there’s hope for all of us.

We- just like the Buddha- have the potential to awaken. I stand in front of the golden Buddha at the altar and light a candle. Then, following my breath, I watch the flame dance and burn.

~Andrea Miller

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