cloaked in shape-shifting light


We want there still to be mysteries.

That’s part of the spirit of discovery.

And sometimes, what you find may not be what you were expecting.

~Lucy Treloar

what is awakened at dawn? how do you revive?

inquiry for today~   what do you find when you chafe off the slough?

symbolic account of living

How to live an authentic life is a beloved topic for philosophers, from ancient Greek philosophers, to existentialists Sartre, Soren Kierkegaard, and Simone de Beauvoir. Authenticity is about being true to one’s own spirit and not succumbing to the external pressures to be someone else. To live an authentic life is a creative act to eternally evolve into the person you want to be; it is a self-directed process of making choices that feel right rather than externally imposing behaviors or emulating others. Thoreau says, “One should always be on the trail of one’s own deepest nature. For it is the fearless living out of your own essential nature that connects you to the divine.”

~John Everett Millais

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