who you are


Another Dream of Burial

Sometimes it is a walled garden

with the stone over the entrance

broken and inside it a few

silent dried-up weeds or it may

be a long pool perfectly still

with the clear water revealing

no color but that of the gray

stone around it and once there was

in a painting of a landscape

one torn place imperfectly mended

that showed the darkness under it

but still I have set nothing down

and turned and walked away from it

into the whole world the whole world

~M.S. Merwin

perfect love. imperfect life. draws us into living.

inquiry for today~    leave a trail of goodness today…..

I leave you roses

Integrity. It’s a powerful word, bestowed upon those deemed to have demonstrated moral values and standards in tune with society’s mores and frequently linked to heroic gestures and acts of bravery. What often goes unnoticed are the small integrity-building actions of everyday life which, left unchecked can disconnect body and mind and affect well-being.

When personal integrity is ignored, the line of communication between actions and gut is muffled. Conversely, practising integrity on a daily basis will strengthen those lines, facilitating a direct dialogue within the self.

When integrity is intact, it’s possible to build the necessary self-trust to listen immediately to soft cues and act in ways perfectly aligned with a desired path.

~Kate Schuyler

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