when I feel like this

when the day winds blow.jpg

Crossing a field in darkness

we slid into like

delicious swimming

feeling our way without eyes

sifting strands of dark

like falling butterflies

we found a hedge alight

with fireflies

drops of light

like crazy raindrops


in all directions.

We wanted to see those

dancers of light, imagined them


holding their lanterns high,

plunged or fists into thorns

captured worms.

That light have been the moment

I lost you,


a dual world

knew myself

separate from the sun.

I began the journey back

to find you, toiling upstream

on rivers of light

in my rowing-boat-body

didn’t notice the rivers

were your veins

your arteries

sun rising and setting

blink of your eye.

~Jeni Couzyn

I can’t tell you how to see your world……I can invite you to see your world…..

inquiry for today~   check in…..just this……check in……how are you?

soften and allow

What is attitude anyway? Attitude is the climate of our lives. A fish doesn’t know what water is because it sees and experiences everything through the medium of water. Like a fish in water, we swim in the medium of our attitudes.

Or maybe attitude is character: WE are this or that sort of person. We are kind, generous, animated, quiet, fearful, grouchy, stingy, nice, not very nice, relaxed, anxious. We think life is good, people are good. Or we think life is a struggle and people are not to be trusted. And so on. Few of us have the time or capacity for deep self-reflection, and even if we did, the more we looked, the more confused we’d get. It’s hard to see ourselves accurately. Our attitudes distort the picture.

The perfection of generosity confronts and softens our basic attitudes. To practice it is to appreciate the natural abundance of being, the inherent generosity of time and space, and the ongoing unfolding of life. These are exquisite gifts. Life itself is generous. Life is always making more life. Life is abundant and expansive, never stingy or small-minded. It keeps on going, bubbling up and expanding wherever it has a chance.

The practice of the perfection of generosity eventually effects a basic attitude shift toward the recognition that we are living creatures who share in life’s great abundance, freedom, and energy. So we always have possibilities. We always find a way, no matter how or what, to further our life. We just have to figure out how to stop getting in our own way. This is where the intentional practice of the perfection of generosity helps.

~Norman Fischer

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