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The most essential way I learn to trust what shimmers, is to ask myself if this encounter increases my compassion.  Do I feel a sense of expansiveness toward myself and others?  When the holy shimmers before us, it is always in the service of greater love.

As I cultivate this practice of attending to the gifts the world has to offer me, to what shimmers, I am at the same time nurturing the opening of my own heart. Our minds harden our defenses, but the heart softens and blooms forth slowly, so that we find ourselves looking with more compassion on those who annoy us, and perhaps later, those we actively dislike, and finally those we have previously ignored and not even allowed into our line of sight.

When we discover ourselves surprised by love and grace, we come to trust what shimmers forth as gift. We receive without needing to figure things out. We begin to follow the thread of moment by moment revelation, not knowing where it leads, only embracing the call to see with eyes of the heart.

~Christine Valters Paintner

so much brokenness throughout our lives……..how do we know that what is really needed is our truth-telling?

inquiry for today~    what have you been destined to create today?


No matter how much light we paint around it, it’s also the hardest work to listen to the soul, to become the loving mother and father to the traumatized aspects of self we subconsciously punish, to make choices that will shift the tides, to grapple with the inner death mother and write and create and share and paint and sing and dance anyway.

To keep leaning in, with an utterly drunk devotion to your own divinity no matter what.

It is here we find compassion, tenderness, strength, equality in feminine and masculine, for that is all the soul is and ever wants. But, it will demand all of you in return. For, truly, as Rumi writes, What you seek is seeking you, but we must leave the familiar shores behind, enter the forest, meet who and what is there, and return over and over again.

This is spring. May we rise in song and word and truth and above all else, a tender love for all we have survived. Especially for surviving ourselves.

~Dr. Nandi Hetenyi

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