harmony for real life


Self-compassion practice is a special method for whittling away our stubborn tendencies to resist pain and grasp for pleasure. It’s mindfulness from the neck down, emphasizing qualities of heart- motivation and emotion- rather than awareness and wisdom. The common healing element in both mindfulness and self-compassion is a gradual shift toward friendship with emotional pain. Mindfulness says, “Feel the pain” and self-compassion says, “Cherish yourself in the midst of the pain”; two ways of embracing our lives more wholeheartedly. Mindfulness can lead to self-compassion, bringing in feelings of sympathy, forgiveness, tenderness, and love. In order to open our hearts, first we need to open our eyes.

~Christopher Germer

bleed. hold. release.

inquiry for today~    when was the last time you listened to your own good advice?

time enough to listen

I have great faith in a seed.

Convince me that you have a seed there,

and I am prepared to expect wonders.


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