fortune telling

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Our goal is to be whole. To live from wholeness. To experience every emotion with depth and curiosity for the way it moves in us, shapes us and reveals to us the authentic, vulnerable and complete beings we are and have always been. From this space, we move forward into our lives connected to our self, with more space to breathe and witness life, and with more clarity of vision.

There is, indeed, a joy that is untouched by circumstances. When we live in this space of joy, we can hold our grief, sadness, pain, fear, in a way just as holy as our happiness. It is all here for us. It is all part of our experience, to be honored and welcomed in and finally, fully received with the gift of awareness and freedom that it brings.

Do not deny yourself anything. Do not run away or bliss it away or transform it too quickly. Savor it. For life is not only a creative process, it is also a destructive one, and both of these energies are here in service to your growth and evolution.

~Val Silidker

who are the false prophets in our lives?

inquiry for today~   consider the rapture lying within the nuances of an ordinary day……..

and we feed each other

We want the freedom to think for ourselves.

To be who we really are.

To heal.

To be vividly in the moment.

To hold amazing space for others.

I dive in.

I listen.

I plummet carefully into secret caves and places unknown that are always there but I cannot see.

That we cannot see.

But we could…

We could listen to the beckon, the call, the hushed whisper, the melodic and deeply familiar songs of our ancestors—and be led by them.

And be changed by the fierce winds of sand and time and God and truth.

We are so human.

We are meant to feel. To seek. To know.

We are meant to keep climbing to the heights and depths of our destiny, of Truth.

And what we need the most, we might have lost a long time ago—


Truth is meant to be shared.

It is not just ours to keep like gold.

It is meant to be shared, to be delighted in by all.

With our ancestors by our sides—to show us the way, always—

As we exhale

And say

Thank you.


~Sarah Harvey

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