kaleidoscope shift

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I’ve come to realize that we may not always have that perfect mindset that we all chase; the come what may, the see the beauty all around you, the stop and smell the roses. Those can be difficult to find in our fast-paced world, especially when you’re constantly driving yourself forward.

So lately, I’ve been tricking myself into it.

I call this “romanticizing my life.” I use this technique when I’m struggling to see the beauty in a situation, to add a little romance to the everyday frustrations and low moments that sometimes come up in life.

It’s a perspective shift, more than anything else, paired with words that will take something that is often just a concept and true it into something more solid. Something actionable. It’s less effective to simply say, “I need to slow down and re-frame what I’m experiencing,” than it is to force yourself to notice actual details and commit them to written words.

Instead of, “I’m stuck on the bus, too exhausted after work even to concentrate on my creative goals, and all I want is to be at home,” romanticize your life.

“The bus rocks me gently through the city lights. Glimmers of ideas for stories and projects spark and sputter in my mind. I know I’ll be home soon, and it will be warm.”

I’m not saying that this will drastically change your situation, but it does help shift your focus not only away from what’s keeping you unhappy or stopping you from achieving that sense of beauty and peace, but to also actively take whatever it is that makes the situation unpleasant, and find the beauty within it.

This is not the answer to life’s true problems, of course, but it is a way to quickly and easily help yourself to slow down and find the magic in the simplest, most ordinary moments- even the ones we don’t usually think of as pleasant, enjoyable, or picture-perfect- and I hope it helps you in those moments as it’s helped me.

~Chelsea D.G. Bartlett

entanglement. delusion. depth.

inquiry for today~   what are your little glimmers of truth today? what daydreams await?

fragility of fate

In the second half of life the ego is periodically summoned to relinquish it identifications with the values of others, the values received and reinforced by the world around it. It will have to face potential loneliness in living the life that comes from within rather than acceding to the noisy clamor fo the world, or the insistency of the old complexes. It will have to submit itself to that which is truly larger, sometimes intimidating, and alway summoning us to grow up. It will need to live by verifications from within, not through acquiescence to the timidities of its time.

No wonder the blandishments of popular culture are so available, so seductive. No wonder so few ever feel connected to the soul. No wonder we are so isolated and afraid of being who we are. A person strong enough to face the futilities of most desires, the distractions of most cultural values, who can give up trying to be well adjusted to a neurotic culture, will find growth and greater purpose after all.

~James Hollis

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