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A wild woman is strong and sensitive. She protects the innocent, and defends those who can’t defend themselves. She loves with her whole heart, and never with half of her heart. But do not mistake her kindness for weakness. That kind of ignorance will leave you in her trail of magic dust. Every… single… time.

Where does this wild woman exist, you ask? She is everywhere. She is the unassuming woman at the book store radiating a quiet confidence you can’t help but notice. She is the otherworldly, offbeat lady at the park dancing barefoot and alone to music only she can hear. She is the sweet but spunky goddess offering you a warm meal and a safe place to rest your head when you’ve lost your way.

She is the quirky, tell-it-like-it-is free spirit with a rare and everlasting fascination for life. She is the friend who listens to you with her undivided attention. She is the keeper of secrets she will never spill. She is the one who got away. Above all, she is magic.

~Zella Sage

can life get a little more weird?

inquiry for today~   maybe, just maybe, you have a little time for mischief today…..

when I spill over

I’ve been walking the acre

of my soul. It’s been so long.

And over there, the hill I used to

sit on. I’d watch the stars reflect

in thriver when it was tired of

running. I wonder what the view

is now. But it takes at least a day

to get there and another to sit still

in the grass and another to wait for

the stars to come out and another

for the river to tire. Sure, life keeps

taking us away. But the only time

I’m free of fear is when I drink

from that river.

~Mark Nepo

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