radiance & ritual

to be with me

If faith depends on believing what we are told, when those beliefs fall apart, we are left with nowhere to stand. For many of us, our inquiry into the nature of life has led to that same predicament. How and when do we trust something as true? What beliefs about life and death are woven into our view of the world? Do the beliefs reflect truth, and can we count on them? If the beliefs crumble, are we bereft of all refuge? Does critical exploration of our beliefs leave us vulnerable and unsure? How can we wholeheartedly have faith rather than a handful beliefs?

In Buddhism, the distinction between faith and beliefs lies in testing what we are told, “Put it into practice” the Buddha said, “and if you find it leads to a kind of wisdom that is like looking at a wall, and then the wall breaks open and you see in a much more unbounded way, then you can trust it.” No matter what my teachers told, me, it was still a belief until I tried it.

~Sharon Salzberg

no one can love you like your own faith in all that you hold true…..

inquiry for today~    may your sincerity breed trust and help you sustain your grounding…..

from dogma to true love

Tell them that in the end I had no need

for God, who’d become just a story

I once loved, one of many

with concealments and late night rescues,

high sentence and pomp. The truth is

I’d learned to live without hope

as well as I could, almost happily,

in the despoiled and radiant now.

~Stephen Dunn

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